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candle of remembrance
dove of peace
candle of remembrance

I originally started this site as a dedication to two family members that had died but find myself now in the sad situation of having to remember a man who was very dear to me - "my soul partner". I have never written a poem and I don't know how to but below you'll find some words that I just had to write to help me with the shock and pain I am feeling and to try and help me understand my psychic experience because I believe this is exactly what I had...


We were never meant to be, my soul partner and me
You said we had met in the wrong time,the wrong place, the wrong life
A life of togetherness was never written in our stars
And the predicted outcome seemed a foregone conclusion

You told of your love for me all those years ago
But circumstances kept the distance between us
The closest was a peck on the cheek, an arm around the shoulders
A laugh, a look, a funny e-mail was my life line to your soul

We worked close by for a while now both happy with our respective partners
The understanding was that in some other universe our souls would have been one
But you left the work place suddenly without saying goodbye
So I sent you a message entitled "hurt" and asked why.

Your reply came back as only you would
"Goodbye would indicate not meeting again, that will not happen
See ya soon babe"
I now wish that I could

It was the morning of Sunday 29th June 2003
And I dreamt you came to see me at work, something you had never done
In your hand you held a box containing an engagement ring
You asked me to marry you but my answer was "NO" neither of us could

Early the same evening, a text from a friend
It said bad news you'd died in a tragic accident the previous day hence
Along with your daughter on a motorbike I'd told you not to buy
And in my grief all I can do is to ask you "why?"

I believe you came in a dream to say a final goodbye
And I regret that I ever turned you down
We always said that it wasn't our time, our place, our life
But I do know that one day my love we will be "soul partners" forever

In Loving Memory of

In my grief I have found comfort in creating. This memorial plaque was inspired by a song called Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield. It goes on to say "I stay, I pray See you in heaven far away. I stay, I pray See you in heaven one day." I have every faith that I will.

The following verse was sent to me from Kathy C who is also suffering a loss. Thank you Kathy it is very comforting.

I hope you will stay awhile in the garden to remember a loved one. It would be nice to hear from anyone with a similar experience, to share a few words or leave a memory of your loved one by using the tag board below. There are hotspots in the garden that will reveal further poems that are much better than mine.

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Ellen has signed the tag-board above and has kindly sent a poem called "Goodbye" in memory of her mother Mary. Visit Ellen's tribute to her mother atMary's daughter Ellen The poem Until We Meet Again was kindly supplied by Cindy Badar and you can view her details after the poem.


How do you say goodbye
When all you want to do is cry
How do you ever let them go
When your heart is breaking because you love them so

How can you ease their fears
When you can barely see them through your tears
When the time comes will you ever be able to say goodbye
When all you want to do is to be able to die

Tears will flow
Your heart will break
But you must let go
If only for their sake
Comforting words must fill their head
As they lay still upon their bed
Angel kisses help ease their fear
While tender touches allow them to know you are near

However do you say goodbye?
You help them find their angel wings
So that they might fly

Written by Ellen Bryant 2003 Shortly before mom died in her nursing home She had Alzheimer's.

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I am finally able to look at your picture again
Ohh, its not that I ever stopped loving you, my friend

You were a part of my life for so many years
That still till this day, I can't hold back the tears

I tried so hard to be strong
I now know that was so wrong

I think about all the times we shared
All the happy times, there are none to compare

Even though you are no longer here
You are always very near

A kiss on the cheek my friend
With lots of love

Until we meet again
In the heaven's above

In my heart forever.

Poem written by Cindy Bader Copyright © Written permission to use the poem was granted by the author. Please do not copy without prior written consent from Cindy Bader Be sure and visit her web site Thank you!!

Child on a rose gif

My advice is to treasure each moment with family and friends.
Because you never know when it will end.
Never take anyone for granted for you have no idea how long life will last.
So appreciate each moment with each other before they pass.

Tomorrow may be too late.
One can't always tell one's fate.
So live each day to the most you can be.
live, don't just exist.
Enjoy the most of your days
Whatever the amount.
Make each day count.
Do this to the best of your ability.

Show your family, friends how much you care as often as you are able.
Let them know they're important to you, as much as you're capable.
For life is for sharing, being true to yourself and whose important to you.
Show them how much they mean to you as much as possible.
For family and friends are of immeasurable importance.
This is true no matter the circumstance.

Poem written by Lynda Appell Appell Core DisABILITIES Resources.