A gift from my friends at WOSIB

I've decided to get creative so here goes. I hope you'll drop by from time to time and see how I'm doing *S*

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Cloning a dream effect - created 5.6.03.

Dusty Springfield one of my favourite singers looking out onto a city scene
dusty springfield clone effect
Another example of a cloned dream effect - Martin Luther King looking down at the world.
martin luther king clone effect

Hope you like my seamless tile effects - created 8.6.03.

A corner tilecorner tile Hungry like the wolfwolf tile Symmetrical patternseamless tile

Stained Glass - created 20.6.03.
I just love the rich colours in this stained glass heart. I based this image on the white rose of Yorkshire which is the county that I'm from. Yorkshire is famous for the Brontes, David Hockney, Sean Bean, Dame Judy Dench and Patrick Stewart to name but a few. Visit Yorkshire
stained glass heart white rose of yorkshire

Watermarking an Image - created 17.8.03.

Image watermarked using a hard light effect.

Image watermarked using a soft light effect.

Wooden Frames & Watermarks - created 31.8.03.
I have used the eye candy filter to bevel the frame inwards. Eye candy filter used to bevel the frame outwards.

Mosaics and twirls - created 22.9.03.

Diamond mosaic effect using Eye Candy

I thought these two were sooo cute. Twirling effect achieved with plug-in filter factory gallery B.

Same twirling effect with different settings. Doll body supplied by Deja Vu Dollz Dress, hair, necklace and shoes supplied by me.

GOLD & GLITTER TEXT - created 5.10.03.

PLATES WITH GOLD RIM - created 19.10.03.

I really enjoyed doing this assigment. The little lady in the middle of the plate is my great niece Olivia and she was dancing at the time the picture was taken. The shelf is a tube that I downloaded and forgot to take a note of site I got it from so if it belongs to you let me know and I will add a link.

Signature tag and picture featuring muted/seamless background. - created 1.11.03.

Hat & teddy created 10.11.03 using selections. The bow is the Dizzniz bows font.


Thank you to Michael Levy for my very first award.Point of Award His site is dedicated to enlightening the mind, body and soul. A very worthwhile visit.

Thank you to Avril Reynolds for this award.I found Avril's site to be awesome. It is a wonderful family site dealing with health care issues and has a kidspage and page relating to issues concerning the disabled. You must drop by and say hello to Avril.

Thank you to Lady JJ for this award.

Thank you to the WOSIB judges for this award.
Thank you to Angels That Care

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