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I have loved music from a very early age. I did have a bit of talent at playing the piano and singing but these days that's very much a private thing. However, I remember Saturday nights babysitting for my sister's children and watching all those Hollywood musicals where the cast would suddenly burst into song and dance for no reason but I loved them all. I was especially blown away with the dancing. At the time I didn't think about how many takes it would need to get the routine right I just thought they are so good. There was so much talent around in those days but I feel that the three ladies I call the Original Divas need a special mention.

Lena Horne Dorothy Dandridge Josephine Baker

Some of Lena's films:-
The Duke is Tops
Panama Hattie
Stormy Weather
Cabin in the Sky

Some of Dorothy's films:-
Carmen Jones
Porgy & Bess
Hit Parade
Island in the Sun

Some of Josephine's films:-
Zou Zou
Princess Tam Tam
La Sirene des Tropiques


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