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The images to the left features Jesse Owens who won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in pre - war Germany. Who could ignore such an historical moment. Then there is Dr Maya Angelou, author, actress, historian, activist and poet - This lady's words are inspirational, enlightening and humerous. She has led such a rich life and I'm currently trying to read her autobiography all six books - I've five to go.
On the right we have Dr Martin Luther King civil rights leader from the 50's and Rosa Parks whose single act of refusing to sit at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama led to her being arrested. Her arrest sparked off a boycott of the buses lead by Dr Martin Luther King and ultimately gave rise to the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr Martin Luther King - Civil Rights Leader - Listen to audio excerpts from interviews and read his story at The King Center.org

Dusty Springfield -She took a stand in 1965 when she refused to perform in South Africa unless she could sing before a mixed racial audience. Many other artistes followed her lead. A brave lady with a remarkable voice. The Official UK Dusty Springfield site.

Muhammed Ali - not just a celebrity but a humanitarian Official Muhammed Ali Website It was a wonderful sight to see him at the opening of the Atlanta Olympic games in 1996 lighting the olympic flame. It didn't matter that he is suffering from Parkinsons disease his lighting that flame seemed very special - The Greatest.

Maya Angelou - poet, actress, civil rights activist, playwright and inspiration. Visit the Official Website

Mahatma Ghandi - Extensive site on this man of peace. Site uses flash animations. Visit the Mahatma Ghandi Website features audio and video streams

Arthur Ashe - The first african-american man selected to play for the American Tennis Team. Who can forget his epic Wimbledon title win in 1975 against Jimmy Conners but as well as all that tennis he was a champion of many causes (too many to list here). Sadly Ashe died in 1993 but his legacy to society lives on. Visit the Arthur Ashe website
Stevie Wonder - The man, his words and music Official Stevie Wonder Website

Charlie "Yardbird" Parker - Jazz legend. Official site including biography, photos and music clips

Lisa "Left eye" Lopes - Sadly missed but not forgotten spirited member of TLC who died in 2002. TLC lyrics are thought provoking remember "Waterfalls". Visit The Official TLC site or Eyenetics.com - The Official Lisa Lopes site.

Jose Feliciano - Wonderful award winning blind guitarist and singer ("Light my Fire" & Chico and the Man") Official site includes biography, photos & discography and uses large print to accommodate friends and fans with limited vision.

Ray Charles - Yet another blind artiste with 50 years in the music business under his belt - remarkable. Visit Official site with fan club, merchandise, autobiography and domestic and international tour dates.

Darren Hayes - former lead singer with Savage Gardens now a solo artist. Co-writer of beautiful love songs and thought provoking songs my favourite being:- Affirmation Visit Darren's website.

The Christians - Brilliant group from the 80's with such songs as Forgotten Town and Ideal World Fantastic lyrics. The official website is The Christians.biz
Alice Walker - Pulitzer prize winner and author of The Color Purple which was made into a film by the director Steven Spielberg and starring Whoopie Goldberg as Celie. It has me crying everytime I watch it. Visit Anniina's Alice Walker Page to read about her achievements.

Anne Frank - having read The Diary of Anne Frank and visited the house in Amsterdam in which she hid with her family, it was certainly a humbling experience. The Official Anne Frank Site documents this young girl's life.

Bryce Courtenay - author of The Power of One. Courtenay's first novel is a story set in 1940's South Africa and tells of a young boy's struggle to realise his individuality in a divided society. The book was made into a movie starring Stephen Dorff and Morgan Freeman. Visit Bryce Courtenay's official website.

Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird. This novel deals with race, bullying, rape and loneliness all seen through the eyes of little Jean 'scout' Finch. A fantastic book. Visit www.bookwolf.com For an overview of the book and the author.
Toni Morrison - Song of Solomon. I've just finished reading this novel about Milkman's discovery of his past amidst a background of the civil right movement. Toni Morrison is the winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature and author of 'Beloved', which starred Oprah Winfrey in the film of the same title.
Maya Angelou - I know why the caged bird sings. The start of Maya's autobiography. I've just finished reading this book the first of six volumes. A wonderful introduction to Maya's early years in the American south of the 1930's with some trauma but many laughs along the way.

Anything Else

Please support Amina Lawal facing death by stoning. An Amesty International Appeal.

A comprehensive guide to the Capital. Online London

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