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Quote from Dr Maya Angelou

"One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest".

This poem was sent to me by Dennis Pelliccia Dennis has kindly allowed me to display the poem on my site please ask his permission if you like the poem and would like to use it.

The poem is in honour of Vincent Van Gogh and his painting of Starry Night.

Valley of Dreams.

Starry Starry Starry Night
I lie beneath the glimmering sky
A cloud above
An angel's stare
Comforting glow the moon aware

Starry Starry Starry Night
A Country town in peaceful care
The houses, steeple, cypress trees
People of warmth, valley of dreams

Starry Starry Starry Night
Tones of colour, music blend
Blue and yellow, here and there
My brush and easel tender glare

Starry Starry Starry Night
Journey's end no shoes to mend
I Don't regret my heart's bequest
My work is done...perhaps my best

Starry Starry Starry Night
Uphill is past, I can now rest.

This poem was sent to me by Kenneth E Timper Kenneth has kindly allowed me to display the poem on my site please ask his permission if you like the poem and would like to use it.

Child on a rose gif


The dewy vapors of morning glistened on the high meadows
Majestically extending the vista ineffable fullness;
Beauty and truth coalesced into glorious unity
And a choir of angels sang Dionysian hymns
For all Gods creation

The rising sun suffused the sky with red and orange hues
And venus, the morning star
Slowly retreated behind windswept wisps of clouds
Which themselves were disappearing
In the light of the coming dawn.
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Mindmelders webring for poetry by Paul Richard


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