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candle of remembrance
dove of peace
candle of remembrance
Add the Dove of Peace to your website by right clicking and saving the image to your hard drive. Keep the dove flying as a symbol of peace in these difficult times. TELL A FRIEND. The dove of peace is a gift from Iris at Souljourney.
The candles are in remembrance to my cousin Paul who died in 1999 at the age of 34. It was a sudden and tragic loss but when I feel down about it I remember his wonderful smile which lit up any room he walked into and I immediately feel better.
I'd also like to remember my sister's partner Peter who died in 2000 at the age of 62 from cancer. This man's bravery was an inspiration to all those around him at that time because all he did was to worry about my sister and gave no thought to himself or his illness.
The site is just about my own personal favourites and ramblings which, I hope, will be pleasing to others. Obviously I know not everyone will agree with my thoughts and tastes but hey we can't all like the same things can we? Please enjoy your stay whatever you think and if you really enjoy your stay why not join the ring below. PEACE & LOVE.

***STOP PRESS - Amina Lawal, sentenced to death by stoning for having a child out of wedlock, has won her appeal case and will not now have this terrible punishment happen to her. I am leaving the banner on the site if anyone wishes to visit the amnesty.org site and thank you to my visitors that signed the petition to help Amina Lawal. - STOP PRESS***

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Without Prejudice - Friends of mine who gave me the idea for this site. Thanx guys.

Without Prejudice are an excellent covers band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England who take their inspiration from a few of the people mentioned on this homepage through their words and their music, sometimes through both as in the case of the Stevie Wonder (see the lyrics from the album Songs in the Key of Life and how appropriate they are today). Why not drop by at www.withoutprejudice.org.uk and say hello.

The aim of this ring is to provide a list of sites dedicated to people, books, music, anything in fact, that inspire others. Has someone with a disability or illness touched your life, do you have a favourite book or song that you feel motivates and inspires, how about a sports person, volutary worker or charity. If you have a website that will inspire and motivate others then why not join the webring. It doesn't have to be anyone famous you might just want to give a shout out to someone who needs some recognition for what he or she does -why not tell others of the work they do?

If you do not to want join the ring tell me where you are from anyway by clicking on the guest map and you can also add your own favourite insprirational site, poem, quote, book, person or personal website (family friendly sites only) or simply leave me a message. Either way I'd love to hear from you. See below to join the sitering and meet ring members.

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27.9.03. Site reorganised with most of my webrings placed on one page Visit Webrings
21.9.03. True Hearts of Gold - Dedication page added - Go to page
Accepted as a member of True Hearts of Gold
19.7.03 Internet Safety - Parents how much do you know - see the vote caster at Mama & Papa
14.7.03 Accepted as a member of Angels That Care
12.7.03 I hope you will take some time out and visit the Garden of Remembrance
30.6.03 Poem received from Kenneth Timper read Awakening
11.6.03 Poem received from Dennis Pelliccia (Artist Dennis) read Starry, starry, starry,night

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Thank you to Lauren for joining the ring on 1.10.03. Lauren's site is called SilknSteel in the ring - why not visit and say hello.

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